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Yunokawa Snow Monkey in Hakodate Hokkaido 湯の川雪の猿

After our morning trip to Fort Goryokaku (五稜郭), we decided to visit some snow monkeys at the Yunokawa Onsen area. The hot spring is one of the top recommended destination in Hakodate Hokkaido, famous for it’s spa, Hot-Tubbing monkeys as well as a botanical garden.


And that was the hot tub where a couple dozens monkeys were happily soaking in it under the freezing snowing weather. A fence separated us from the tub and we could only look at them from a distance.
That’s about it. Just some monkeys in a tub. We were starting to regret taking this trip. This is so different from the famous Jigokudani snow monkey park.


Next, we paid an entrance fee to visit the popular Hakodate Botanical Garden, which is located within the park. It was a small indoor garden featuring quite a variety of different plants and flowers. A peculiar looking yellow pineapple shaped flower caught my eye. I wonder what it is.


We spent less than an hour in the park and decided to take a leave. On the way to the nearby tram station, we passed by a footbath area that was opened to the public free of charge. Later, after researching online, we found out that such public footbath are known as ‘Ashiyu’ footbath. Here’s a video of me trying out the footbath, enjoying a much needed warmth for my weary feet.


The local tram. This local service wasn’t accepting Suica card and the traditional ticketing was needed.

A view around the Yunokawa Onsen area.

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