Warsaw – Palace of Culture and Science

On the final leg of our Central Europe trip, we found ourselves having a 10 hour layover at Warsaw, Poland and decided to explore the Old Town tourists attraction. After a 30 minutes train ride, we arrived at the Warszawa Zacodnia station right in the city center and head straight to a nearby shopping mall looking for lunch. Again, this is the second occurrence in our 2 weeks trip, we found all the shops were closed. Reason being the day before was a public holiday (Poland 100 Independence Day) and seems like the holiday got extended. Not much choices left and we contend ourselves to KFC.

After lunch, we took a long walk, towards the Old Town area, and saw this amazing building out of nowhere.

At that time, we had no idea what this building was. It was later when we searched the internet, and realised this is the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw. Constructed in 1955, this grand architecture is used for various cultural activities such as concerts, cinemas, theaters, libraries, sports clubs. It was a gift from Russia to the people of Poland. The Palace of Culture and Science is 237metres tall and stood outstandingly among other high rise buildings.

An angled view with the cloudy sky. As night falls on special occasion, LED illumination lights up the Palace creating a fusion of traditional and modern decoration.

Taken from the City Park. A big open area where there are many mobile food trucks. Kebab seems to be a popular street food at this part of the country.

As we continued towards Old Town (3KM away), we passed by a Hard Rock cafe and took a photo with the trademark guitar.

And then a candy shop with this huge lollipop. There are many more similar candy shops like this. Upon entering, you will be overwhelmed by the super sweet smell in the air.


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