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Trdelnik – The most famous dessert in Prague?

Wherever we went in Prague, we could always see people holding and eating one of these Trdelnik. This is a popular dessert in Prague, a grilled or baked dough coated with sugar and topped with cream, fruits, or other mix.

However, it seems like the Trdelnik was not even a traditional Czech pastry. Instead, it was after mass marketing that this item became a must-try dessert for tourists visiting Prague. The gimmick obviously worked successfully.

First, the chef prepares the dough and roll them up into a cone shape and hanged to dry.

The dough are then put over a stove and slowly baked till golden brown and crispy. The chef will constantly roll the dough side to side for a evenly bake.

Next, she will start coating the baked Trdelnik with alot of sugar, and possibly other ingredients.

Finally, depending on customers’ preference, additional toppings can be added. They include ice cream, whipped cream, chocolates, and other fruits.

We chose a whipped cream with strawberry.

Popular it may be, but the Trdelnik is not the best dessert we had in Prague. In face, it is not tasty at all. Firstly, the whipped cream wasn’t fresh and taste horrible. Then the cake itself was too sweet for our likings. Even the strawberry is a lower quality than what we can usually get in the supermarket.

That was the first and only time we had the Trdelnik. We heard there were other versions of it in other parts of our Europe trip. But this single bad experience was enough to put us off. Better stick to normal cheese cakes or pancakes.

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