Tokyo Chikara Meshi – 東京チカラめし Wonderful Grilled Beef Bowl restaurant

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A few years back, we had one of the best grilled beef bowl at a Tokyo Chikara Meshi restaurant. This is a relatively new chain restaurant which at one point, had dozens of shops across Japan. Chikara Meshi signature fast food is the Grilled Beef bowl that is not only super delicious but also super cheap!

We always stay at Dormy Inn hotel at Akihabara and there was a Chikara Meshi shop right opposite of the hotel. It was on the nth trip that we decided to drop into that shop for our lunch. Vending machine is used for ordering and we tried the cheapest beef bowl at only 390 yen!! The set consists of a grilled beef bowl with very very generous thick slices of absolutely delicious grilled beef, and a bowl of miso soup. Ice water is, of course, free.

Tokyo Chikara Meshi seems to be expanding really quickly between 2012 and 2015. However, in recent years, we found that the outlet (there were 2 of them) at Akihabara had closed. After checking their website online, we found that there were only about 10 shops left across Japan. What a pity. This is one of the best fast food chain restaurants for us budget travellers.

All food items on the menu includes japanese curry set, mapo tofu and all kinds of grilled beef combination. Choose from the automated ordering machine that has English language available.

Highly recommend this restaurant. If you are planning a trip to Japan and would like to try it out, remember to refer to the website for available outlets here. But be warned, you will smell like grilled beef after leaving the shop.



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