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Tokyo Central Post Office – Postcards and souvenirs for tourists

The Tokyo Central Post Office at Kitte Building in Marunouchi Station, Tokyo is unlike any typical post offices. Besides the main posting and delivery services, it also has a wide range of unique souvenirs for tourist!

There are many limited edition postcards and seasonal greeting cards on sale. Perfect spot for tourists to select a beautiful card /postcard and send it to loved ones on the spot!

Each postcard cost around 120 – 200 yen and they can be sent domestically as it is. For international postage, you may need to put them in envelopes. This will help protect the postcards from damage too!

Some of the really unique postcards involves 3D pop up design of Japanese onsen and ice cream stalls. And of course not forgetting seasonal ones for the summer, sunflowers!

So, how about visiting this general post office when you are in Tokyo? ?And check out the cute mascot Posu Kuma



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