Tips to survive the hot Japan summer – Part 2

Here are a few more tips to survive the hot Japan summer!

6. Enjoy the ice

At some shopping streets, there are blocks of ice to help cool down the surroundings. Take advantage of these ice blocks to at least cool your hands. (But no licking of the ice blocks please….). This particular pretty ice block is found in Yanaka Ginza.

7. Sunblock

Putting on SPF is a must must must regardless of season, especially during Summer. My all time favorite is KOSE Sun Protect Essence SPF50+. It absorbs fast and is non-sticky. Another bonus is the sheer whitening layer which radiates your complexion.

8. Handkerchiefs

It’s always useful to carry handkerchief in your bag so that you can wipe your sweat and stay dry! There are plenty of pretty and kawaii designs around! I actually buy them as souvenir for collection purpose too!

9. Deodorant

Well, body odour is an unpleasant experience that heightens during summer. Keep yourself fresh and sweet-smelling by using an underarm deodorant and underarm bright-up essence (it works like the toner for your underarms). Remember the sunblock that I have recommended in earlier post? This Mickey Mouse can is actually a scent-free sunblock spray from Suncut. There are also scented ones but I prefer using an scent-free spray so that it doesn’t interfere with my perfume scent. I actually use both types of sunblock. Sunblock essence on my face and neck, followed by sunblock spray on my hair, arms and legs.

10. Ice Cream!

I’m sure we eat ice-cream during all seasons but probably eat more during summer! Haagen-Dazs is amazing with creative and interesting seasonal flavors, which are easily available in convenient stores. Be sure not to give them a miss!

11. Cooling fabrics

You may want to consider buying cooling fabric items such as pillow case, bedroom slippers bed pads etc for utmost comfort during extended stay. These are very affordable from 3 coins at 300 Yen each!

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