Tips to survive the hot Japan summer – Part 1

Japan is now plagued by the heat wave, which has gotten so bad that it is almost considered as a natural disaster. Indeed, even for someone who grew up in all-year summer Singapore, I also find summer in Japan quite distressing at times. Nevertheless, I have learnt to manage the heat and am happy to share the following survival tips when you travel to Japan in summer.

1. UV Umbrella

Great opportunity to buy a UV protected umbrella in Japan as a souvenir to protect you from the sun! I always carry an additional paper fan to continuously cool myself. Many shops give away such cardboard thick fan during events, at places of interests or on the street too! Keep a lookout for them.

2. Get a hat

If you find carrying an umbrella too troublesome, you can opt for a fashionable hat? ? This hat was from one of the fashion accessories shops at Omotesando Station. I think even Daiso sells such hats! Photo taken at 青山フラワーマーケット ティーハウス(Aoyama Flower Market Tea House).

3. Drink lots of water

My all-time favourite drink especially during Summer is this Salty Litchi non-carbonated drink from Kirin’s range of “From the World’s Kitchen”. It is very refreshing and taste salty-sweet (think sweet lychee juice + Okinawa salt) and a great thirst quencher especially during hot summer! You can find them easily in convenient stores and from vending machines.

4. Lotion mist

Another item that I will carry with me all the time is Kose Lotion mist. It provides the much needed relief from hot summer as it cools and hydrates your skin with a great scent! The original version can be found in pharmacies. However, there is also the Sekkisui range (cheaper with lower dosage) sold in 7-11!

5. Tie your hair

Ladies with long hair: I’m sure you will feel the urge to chop off your hair or tie them up during such weather! Well, there are many ways to continue looking kawaii with pony tails and buns. All you need are these special accessories!  You can find them in pharmacies or Don Quijote.

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