Tempura Tendon Tenya 天丼てんや – Best Tempura Chain Restaurant in Japan

Whenever we are craving for some authentic Japanese Tempura, we will head over to the nearest Tempura Tendon Tenya (天丼てんや) restaurant. With over 500 shops all over Japan, Tendon Tenya is a really popular Tempura chain restaurant among both locals and tourists.

The most famous Tendon Tenya outlet is located in Harajuku after Justin Bieber visited it some years ago, and the programme was broadcast on TV reaching many overseas viewers. This outlet is said to be attracting 90% tourists and long queues are expected everyday. But to dine at Tendon Tenya, you can easily find one in most district like Shibuya, Shinjuku, etc. They are almost everywhere. Just look out for the famous blue and yellow stripes.

Tendon Tenya is very affordable for really nice and authentic Tempura. A special seasonal meal such as the below is around 1000yen. Soba with big prawn tempura, and some fried vegetables for a complete meal.

English and Chinese menus are available in most shops so it is really easy for tourists.

As with most Japanese restaurants, there are also seasonal special menus at Tendon Tenya. Here they are offering a Summer exclusive Yuzu flavoured chicken karage. Really yummy!

If you are visiting Japan and would like to try some Tempura without breaking the bank, consider to hop into Tendon Tenya for some inexpensive meals!


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