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First solo trip- staying in Dormy Inn Ueno Okachimachi

Had my first solo Japan trip in summer 2015. I decided to stay in my regular hotel chain – Dormy Inn for a peace of mind, and was lucky to obtain a good rate for the newly opened Dormy Inn Ueno Okachimachi! Well, that’s my only visit in this property as the room rates have …

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Seasonal Festival 1: Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival in Hokkaido

Calm blue sky, puffy marshmellow clouds, a million sunflowers – the three elements which form the ever-picturesque view on various print and digital medias, were presented right before me at the Hokuryu-cho Sunflower Festival in Hokkaido. This biggest sunflower field in Japan transformed into a huge yellow landscape in the Hokuryu town every summer, with its annual Himawari …