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Shinagawa Shinatatsu Ramen Street – Right beside the Shinagawa JR Station

I stumbled upon the Shinagawa Shinatatsu Ramen Street located just beside the Shinagawa JR Station during a solo trip to Tokyo. Totally wasn’t expecting to find a hidden treasure like this under the overhead train tracks. The Shinagawa Shinatatsu Ramen Street is a collection of 7 different ramen shops lined side by side that offers consumers …

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Ichiran Ramen Japan 一蘭 – A Tourists Favourite

Ichiran Ramen (一蘭) is one of the most well known ramen chain in Japan among tourists. Originating from the kingdom of tonkotsu Fukuoka, Ichiran Ramen has branches all over Japan. In recent years, we can even see them overseas in cities like Hong Kong, Taipei, and New York. Our first experience with Ichiran was many …