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Cafe Japan Kanto (Tokyo) Themed cafes

Cupcakes and High Tea at la petite mercerie Cafe Tokyo

Love cupcakes? Shopping in Tokyo with a child/toddler (especially girls)/female companion and looking for a cafe with desserts that will appeal to the young and old? Simply looking for a pit-stop to rest your aching feet from the shopping? Longing for peaceful me-time where you can admire people-watching within the bustling city? All the above …

Cafe Floral themed cafe Food Japan Kanto (Tokyo)

Flower Themed Cafe 4: Flower Cafe Kazahana Tokyo

The Flower Cafe Kazahana (Flower&cafe風花) was a hidden gem in Minami Aoyama that I chanced upon by accident on the internet and it remains as one of my very best finds in Tokyo! Unsurprisingly, the cafe is also located in one of those small quiet streets. I walked past a few shops and was attracted …

Cafe Floral themed cafe Food Japan Kanto (Tokyo)

Flower theme Cafe 2: Nicolai Bergmann Nomu Cafe

My love for beautiful theme cafes brings me on a search journey for another flower-themed cafe, and I found my answer in the gorgeous Nicolai Bergmann Nomu Cafe. If Aoyama Flower Market is the leader and an important player of the Japanese floralculture industry, then Nicolai Bergmann would be deemed as “the new kid on the …