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Hokkaido Japan Places of Interest Visiting

Yunokawa Snow Monkey in Hakodate Hokkaido 湯の川雪の猿

After our morning trip to Fort Goryokaku (五稜郭), we decided to visit some snow monkeys at the Yunokawa Onsen area. The hot spring is one of the top recommended destination in Hakodate Hokkaido, famous for it’s spa, Hot-Tubbing monkeys as well as a botanical garden. 早晨去了五棱郭之后,我们决定到湯の川温泉地区看看一些雪猴。湯の川温泉是北海道函馆最受推荐的景点之一。以温泉雪猴和植物园而闻名。 And that was the hot tub where a couple dozens monkeys …