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New Year’s Eve Countdown in Japan – 4 Best Ways to Enjoy The Carnival

New Year’s Eve Countdown in Tokyo is one of the most important activity of Tokyoites to welcome the New Year. December winter in Japan is a very joyous month with the occurrence of several widely celebrated festivals such as Christmas and New Year. However, did you know that unlike the other Asian countries which typically …

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Celebrating New Year’s Day (Ganjitsu) in Japan

1st January, New Year’s Day also known as Ganjitsu is the most important holiday in Japan. For your information, Gan means “beginning” and Jitsu means “Day”. Ganjitsu is a joyous holiday that marks a new and fresh beginning into the year. After your New Year’s Eve countdown (you may refer to another entry here: New Year’s Eve Countdown Options in Japan), you may want …

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Explore on wheels – Self driving in Japan

Japan is covered with a vast network of rails. Trains and buses can get you anywhere. For most of our trips, public transport is our preferred choice. But, self drive trips are fun and easy too. In one of our latest trip, we squeezed in a self driving experience covering areas in the Kansai region. …