Sukiya – eating on a budget. Probably the best meal you can get in Japan for under 500 Yen ($5)

In our previous post, we introduced one of our favourite fast food chain in Japan, Matsuya. And now, we talk about Number 1 food chain, Sukiya.

Sukiya (すき家) is the leading Gyudon chain in Japan, with over 2000 outlets across 47 prefectures. Yes including Okinawa! It is our most frequented restaurant after Matsuya.

Sukiya serves a wide variety of food, including Gyudon, Unagi rice, curry rice, sukiyaki, etc. There are also special menu depending on the season.

We love eating udon hot soup during winter, and curry rice during summer.

Most of Sukiya outlets open 24 hours and it is one of the best choice to get a quick supper after late night shopping.

A Sukiya branch in Okinawa. We love visiting these standalone outlets as they offer free parking and are usually less crowded.

A typical Sukiya Gyudon set meal consists of a beef rice bowl, eggs for you to dip your beef and a bowl of miso soup, all for less than 500Yen.

A mixed bowl of beef and Unagi bowl set. Unagi are usually only available during summer.

Unlike Matsuya, Sukiya do not use vending machines. You can always request for an English menu and order directly from the service staff.

Sukiya is really one of the most affordable restaurant chain you can find in Japan that offers really good food. If you are on a budget while visiting Japan, do try out Sukiya!


R, the other half of JRVacation, is addicted to playing Pachinko in Japan and loves Japanese food, especially the fast food joints Sukiya and Matsuya. Dreams of visiting all 47 prefectures in Japan and is currently planning for the next trip to the land of the rising sun.

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