A stopover at Cape Manzamo in Okinawa, the Elephant Trunk shape natural cliff overseeing the Sea of Japan

On our way from Naha to the Churaumi Aquarium at the northern part of Okinawa island, we decided to make a pit stop and visit the Cape Manzamo (万座毛).

Manzamo sports a big plain of grassland facing the East China Sea. The name literally means a space for ten thousand people to sit in and accordingly to history, the name was given by one of the historic Ryukyu King who rules the island.

The most famous attraction of this area is the Cape that resembles an elephant trunk. The cape itself is not very accessible for visitors and we spent most of our time strolling at the nearby garden and taking photos of the elephant from afar.

Trying to mimic a sunset shot with photo editing.

Posing for a shot with Cape Manzamo at the background, but it wasn’t easy to get a good shot on a bright sunny day with just an iPhone.

There were a number of shops selling drinks and snacks at the entrance of the area. Recommended to buy a cone of ice cream before entering.

Ample parking spaces also available at the empty space near the shops.

Another wefie before we depart and head towards north to our next destination.

Besides the cape, there isn’t much to explore here, and you will find yourself spending not more than an hour here. Therefore, Cape Manzamo is a recommended stopover only if you are driving from Naha towards the northern area of Okinawa.



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