Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Exhibition Vol 2. Featuring iconic manga from the 90s

I visited the Shonen Jump Exhibition at Moro Arts Museum at Roppongi Hill. This is volume 2 of the exhibition that features 1990s flagship manga. Volume 1 are older manga prior to 1990 and Volume 3, scheduled to start in June, will be on manga from 2000s onwards.

Although I do like some of the newer manga like Naruto and One Piece, but my top choices will always be those from the 90s. Slam Dunk, Yu Yu Hakusho, etc.

The Exhibition is basically a flash back to the days when Weekly Jump is at the peak of its distribution. Extracts of the original manga pages were enlarged and displayed onto the wall. There were also simple animation for visitors to enjoy.
If you had read enough manga, you will be as familiar as me and can enjoy and reminisce the manga works.

Photo taking is very prohibited and there are only certain display where I can take a shot. So there is nothing much to show here.

After that, I went to the Jump popup cafe and ordered the Goku curry rice and a Freeza desert. As usual for such cafe, the curry rice is worse than my homemade instant curry. The desert looks and taste as weird as Freeza’s twisted mind too.

Overall, it was a nice visit and I think I need to reread Slam Dunk and Yu Yu Hakusho again, on Mangarock, of course. Digital piracy is really killing printed comics. Weekly Jump sales is really dwindling every year.

If you don’t know, the Shonen Weekly Jump is a weekly edition catered to the youth. It is a compilation of manga chapters. Similar to what we have in Singapore/Malaysia, the 漫画周刊. Anyone remember this? I wonder if this is still around in Malaysia. I don’t see it in Singapore anymore.


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