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Located just merely 15 minutes away from Narita Airport by bus, Shisui Premium Outlets is a convenient shopping destination for tourists on transit or fancy last-minute shopping prior to departure. (Afterall, shopping in Narita Airport is quite boring.)  I’ve never been able to visit this outlet as I am usually in a rush to airport on my departure.  In order to materialise a visit, I went to this outlet mall right after I have arrived at Narita on the first day of my trip.

Shisui Premium Outlets is easily accessible by their shuttle bus from bus stops located at both Narita terminal 1 and 2, at 250 yen for adults and 130 yen for children. They have a decent selection of more than 180 stores and a foodcourt with affordable authentic Japanese cuisines.

Having been to the more established and popular Gotemba Premium Outlet, Shisui Premium Outlet somehow pales in comparison in their selection of brands and merchandise. Afterall, outlets sell off-season merchandise and what I have seen for this season just doesn’t appeal to me. (my luck perhaps?)

Nevertheless, it is a not-too-bad destination if you have plenty of time to spare and extra monies for shopping on your last traveling day in Japan. However, I wouldn’t recommend it to serious outlet shoppers.

Address: 〒285-0912, 千葉県印旛郡酒々井町飯積2-4-1
Tel: 043-481-6160


Very airy foodcourt.


Flight information is available at the foodcourt.


My first meal in Japan: Yummy Fuji Yakisoba set with an orange juice which cost 720 yen before taxes.


  • Visit the website for comprehensive information on bus timetable and store listings.
  • Do proceed to the information counter first upon arrival at the outlet mall to obtain the list of discount coupons and wi-fi guest code.
  • If you are visiting the outlet during your layover, you may like to join the Narita Transit Program for additional souvenir gift (website:
  • The outlet operates a direct 50-minutes shuttle service to JR Tokyo Station at 1,100 yen. It is a comfortable and convenient ride to the main city, without having to go back to the airport.






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