Unique view of Shiraito Waterfall in Karuizawa 白糸の滝

As part of our Karuizawa trip, we decided to wander into nature and explore the famous Shiraito waterfall. The Shiraito no Taki is a short but wide waterfall, measuring 3 metres high and 70 metres wide. It looks almost man-made, like those seen in urban shopping malls.

Shiraito waterfall is easily accessible from Karuizawa JR station, just a 30 minutes ride and another 5 minutes walked from the bus stop. The place is not too populated with tourists, which is a good thing as we can take our time exploring at our own pace.

Some shops selling light snacks lined up the small road at the entrance of the waterfall. We had some ice cream and grilled fish before entering.

Unlike how other waterfalls are formed, there are actually no rivers flowing into Shiraito waterfall. Instead, groundwater surfaced from the mountain slopes providing a constant stream of water flow to form the waterfall.

The Japanese name Shiraito no Taki means white threads waterfall. As water surfaced from the ground and falls over, creating an image of white streams that looks like white curtains. Beautiful!

The area around the Shiraito waterfall is small and tranquil, how we wish there is a small cafe where we can sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee with the beautiful nature surroundings.

After a short stay, we continued on the trip into Karuizawa town. The Merlion (a Singapore icon) and Ultraman were a surprising find. A few days later, we learnt from the news that our Prime Minister Mr Lee Hsien Loong visited Karuizawa as well. Mr Lee spoke to the owner of the shop with the Merlion on display and found out that he visited Singapore many years ago and fell in love with our country, so much that he actually bought a small Merlion replica and display outside his shop.

Karuizawa is just an hour ride away from Tokyo on the Shinkansen. If you are visiting this area, do drop by Shiraito no Taki, we guarantee you will love it.

軽井沢之旅,我们决定漫游大自然,探索着名的白糸瀑布。 白糸の滝是一个短而宽的瀑布,高3米,宽70米。它看起来几乎是人造的,就像在城市购物中心看到的那种。





短暂停留后,我们继续前往軽井沢镇。 意外的发现了鱼尾狮和咸蛋超人。几天后,我们从新闻中了解到,我国总理李显龙先生也到访了軽井沢。李先生向店主询问后,发现他多年前到过新加坡,并爱上了我们的国家,以至于他买了一个小型鱼尾狮复制品陈列在他的店铺外。



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