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Remembering 3.11 Japan Tohoku Earthquake in a unique way

Subway halt

On 11 March, 2.46pm Japanese local time, trains on major subway lines came to an emergency halt, as part of a training drill, and also as a reminder for the 8th anniversary of the 3.11 Tohoku Earthquake. The subway lines involved were from within Tokyo and surroundings, including the Metro line, Toei line, Odakyu line, Keio line, Tobu line, and several other train lines leading to Odawara and Hakone.

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Yahoo Search and Donate

Yahoo JP had been doing the 3.11 search and donate campaign since 2014. In the week heading to 11th March, anyone who search for “3.11” at, Yahoo will donate 10 yen towards the recovery funds of areas impacted by the great earthquake. Last year, more than 4 million searches were done and Yahoo donated more than 41 million yen to the fund.

Even after 8 years, recovery and reconstruction efforts were still painfully slow for some folks badly hit by the earthquake and tsunami. Especially areas near the Fukushima nuclear power station site, people were still not able to return to their homes and had to, instead, continue staying at temporary houses.

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Sendai Tsunami Memorial Community Centre

Around this time last year, we visited the Sendai Tsunami Memorial Community Centre that functions as a communication and exchange point that connects everyone’s experiences and memories of the earthquake and tsunami disaster.

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