Reiwa (令和) – Start of a new era of Japan

Today is the last day of the Heisei (平成) era of Japan and tomorrow will mark the first day of Reiwa (令和). This is after the abdication of Emperor Akihito today and crown prince Naruhito will ascend the throne and starting the Reiwa era.

The first year of Reiwa is known as 令和元年 and there will be many ‘first’ tomorrow. Expect to see social media flooded with posts like “First sunrise of Reiwa” “First Mount Fuji snow of Reiwa” “First new born of Reiwa”, etc.

We are also looking forward to make our first Reiwa trip to Japan soon. Time to buy some souvenirs to celebrate the occasion.

Also happened to find a 5 yen coin minted on 平成元年 Heisei first year, 30 years ago. Hope we can get some 令和元年 Reiwa first year coins soon!

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