Prague Street Art worth visiting

We are not particularly interested nor are we searching for street arts to visit. But during our time in Prague, we came across many of them on the streets that are available to the public. Instead of paying for entrances to museums, perhaps searching for these Prague street arts might be more worth your time.

1. Wall along Vltava River

This wall along the Vltava River is about 50 metres long and runs across the park dividing the river bank, is one of the most beautiful street art we came across in Prague. It was purposefully created to be excellent backdrops for taking photos such as this piece of forest painted onto adjacent walls.

Having fun with the umbrella and water droplets.

2. Yellow Penguins

Dozens of yellow penguins queueing up in a row along the Vltava river. The yellow penguins were created with recycled materials and aim to promote an environmentally friendly arts for the city. These yellow penguins can be seen in other parts of Prague too, but are most notable at this area where it is visible from the nearby famous attraction, the Charles Bridge.

3. Faceless Giant Babies

Outside the Kampa Museums are these Giant Babies without a face crawling on the ground. Looks quite scaring at first sight, and we have no idea what they symbolise. Arts like these are too abstract for us to appreciate.

4. Lennon Wall

The Lennon Wall originated as a tribute to the late John Lennon of The Beatles. It is now a popular tourist spot as well as fans of the world famous band. The Lennon Wall is also located within walking distance as the above 3 piece, all along the Vltava River. It is recommended to visit all of them after crossing the Charles Bridge. Most details of Lennon Wall is covered in another blog post here

5. The Dancing House

Take a look at this building below. Do you see it “Dancing”? The Dancing House was designed to be a symbol of modern architecture and were inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers, iconic dance partners who made many movies together in the 1930s. It is refreshing to see a building of this kind among all the other old buildings in Prague.

Besides these 5, we came across many other street arts in the streets of Prague, but classify most of them as simply Graffiti. The city has an ever evolving street arts culture that had only gotten more prominent after the collapse of the Communist. As people of Prague gains their freedom, there is an urge to express themselves and creating art (or graffiti) on the street.


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