Prague Castle, Charles Bridge, St Vitus Cathedral

Prague Castle, Charles Bridge and St Vitus Cathedral are 3 popular attractions in Prague that are within walking distance from each other. Together with the Clock Tower in Old town, all of these attractions can be completed in a day.

Charles Bridge

This ancient bridge cross the Vltava River connection the Old Town to the Castle area. Charles Bridge was named after King Charles IV who commissioned the construction in the 13th century, and was only completed much later. At over 600 metres long, Charles Bridge is decorated with 30 statues that depict various Saints of that time.

On any typical day, the Charles Bridge is always full of tourists crossing in both directions. There are many street artists and stalls as well, selling hand made accessories.

After crossing the bridge, we were greeted with a long stretch of shopping street full of restaurants and cafe. It was here that we tried one of the popular dessert in Prague, the Trdelnik.

Prague Castle

The Prague Castle complex is huge, occupying 70000 sqm at a hilltop near the Charles Bridge. To get to it, we had to climb stairs of over 200 steps. There was tight security at the entrance and every visitor had to go through metal detection screening and bags check.

There are many different buildings to visit in the castle ground, it is not just a single castle but more like a collection of architectures, such as the Golden Lane, Armour Museum, Torture room, etc. We did not visit all of them, instead spending more time just walking around the complex and enjoying the nice views of the town from above.

As usual with any other attractions in Prague, there were so many visitors and the queue to get tickets were extremely long. It is recommended to visit the Prague Castle in early morning to avoid the crowd and queues.

St Vitus Cathedral

The largest and most important cathedral in Prague, the St Vitus Cathedral is a place for many important ceremonies for the nobles in ancient Prague.

The cathedral can be reached from the third courtyard of the Prague Castle complex. The sheer scale of this architecture is so impressive and grand.



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