Otaru Poseidon Sakaimachi Restaurant – Best Seafood in Otaru, Hokkaido

One of our fondest memories of Otaru is having a really good meal at Otaru Poseidon Sakaimachi Seafood Restaurant. The shop is popular among locals as it is a family restaurant, but also frequently visited by tourists because it is located along the main street leading to the Otaru canal and music box museum.

Salmon and scallop don is fresh and delicious. We were able to see the chefs preparing our meals by seating close to the bar. Otaru is one of the many port in Hokkaido that has a daily supply of all kinds of seafood. It is no wonder we are able to enjoy such yummy delights.

The best of the best is this grilled butter scallop. Until today, we will always think back on this extraordinary memorable scallop. Perhaps it is the cold weather in Hokkaido, or simply because this was one of our earliest trip, we still feel that nothing comes close to this even after visiting hundreds of restaurants in Japan.

Many other don and items available too. The shop is large enough to accommodate big groups and family with children can have their kids play at the kids’ corner on the second floor.

Otaru Poseidon Sakaimachi Restaurant

Location: 4 – 9 Sakaimachi, Otaru, Hokkaido 047-0027, Japan
Opening hours: 11am to 7pm


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