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[On The Beach] cafe in Okinawa

On our second trip to Okinawa, we decided to visit some beach themed cafes. The first cafe we went to was “On The Beach Cafe” located at Motobu area.

It’s approximately an hour or more drive from Naha and around 7 minutes drive from the Churaumi Aquarium. I absolutely love the vibes in the cafe. It’s very relaxing and therapeutic with the music, the natural day light, spaciousness and occasional sea breeze and sound of waves. Life just simply wind down here.

Unfortunately we arrived right after heavy morning rain. Hence, the beach looks rather gloomy, with wet sand and dark sky. Otherwise, the expected views are really nice with turquoise blue sea (according to official website). ? 

Oh, the food was great too! We had both pancakes and pasta! Right after the meal, you can take a slow stroll along the beach too! Enjoy the video and trust me, it looks better in real life! 

More information:

View of the beach from inside the cafe. It was a not-so-clean beach and doesn’t seem to be attracting many visitors. The cafe itself is actually located some distance away from the main road and we missed the small unpaved one-way single lane a couple of times.

Yummy pancakes. The cafe was relatively spacious even by Okinawa standard, but there weren’t too many people.

Have you been to any cafe in Okinawa? Do share with us here!

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