Okinawa Ryukyu Mura 沖縄 琉球村 – ONE PIECE Village for all Luffy fans

On our second trip to Okinawa, we were fortunate to discover a special One Piece event in the Ryukyu Mura. Now, the Ryukyu Mura is a small theme park about Okinawan Ryukyu tradition and culture, not the most interesting place for us. The main attraction for us is, of course, the special One Piece event (One Piece Village).

The One Piece Village, located inside the Ryukyu Mura, special event to promote the One Piece GOLD film which was opening in cinemas during that time.
It is mainly a generous display of life size characters, from Luffy’s crew to other popular like Ace, Sabo, Boa Hancock, White Beard, etc.
The one that left us with deepest impression is the dying scene of Ace…

There was a short event with just music and lightings. Compared to those in Tokyo Tower One Piece themepark, this is just not that impressive. We enjoyed it nevertheless.

Sabo visiting the graves of Ace and Whitebeard.

As avid fans of the manga One Piece, we enjoyed this event throughly. If you know of any upcoming One Piece event, do let us know. Hope you enjoyed this post.


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