New Hello Kitty Haruka Train From Kansai International Airport to Shin Osaka

Attention all Hello Kitty fans! JR West is launching a new Express train service from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Kyoto! Get your warmest welcome from kimono dressed Hello Kitty upon touching down at KIX airport.

Since the release of Hello Kitty Shinkansen last year, many visitors had been complaining about the difficulty in getting this much sought-after tickets. Now, we have another option in the new Haruka train.

The Hello Kitty Haruka Express train by JR West adopts a 和のおもてなし design, roughly translate to Japanese Harmony and Hospitality. Hello Kitty is dressed in Kimono here with a focus on blue, pink, turquoise and other light colour.

Similar to the Hello Kitty Shinkansen, the interior of the Haruka will also feature extensive designs of Hello Kitty.

However, this will be the one and only Haruka train with Hello Kitty design, and it runs a few times a day between KIX and Kyoto. Do remember to check with the counter staffs and secure your seat at KIX JR station.

We can, however, expect more similar trains as this is the first experimental Hello Kitty designed train. There will be second and third and future Hello Kitty themed Haruka trains.

The service will start operation from 29 January 2019. There will be no extra charges for taking the Hello Kitty Haruka train, but a seat reservation is required.

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