Katsuya Tonkatsu – eating on a budget in Japan

Katsuya Tonkatsu is another popular chain restaurant in Japan that is famous for its curry tonkatsu crispy fried pork cutlet rice. With over 300 shops around Japan, it is easily found and recognisable for anyone looking to get a cheap, nice and filling curry meal.

If you had been to Japan or Tokyo, chances are you had seen this logo somewhere along any of the shopping streets. Katsuya Tonkatsu has a nice variety of menus that is suitable for everyone. From pork cutlet with sweet curry sauce to Tsukimi Menchi which is semi boiled eggs over katsu don.

The parent holding company of Katsuya Tonkatsu is the Arcland Service Holdings Co Ltd and is listed on the Japan stock exchange.

Most popular choice is of course Katsu Curry. The curry is dark and sweet, suitable for us as we usually opt for less spiciness. A pork cutlet meal like this range around 500-600 yen and is really really affordable for even the most budget tourists.

It is not usual to have soup to go with japanese curry rice, but the pork base soup at Katsuya was really delicious. Recommend to try it, its only at 150 yen extra per bowl.

Not as famous as other counterparts like CoCo Curry House and GO!GO! Curry House, Katsuya Tonkatsu still is one of our favourite restaurant when craving for some curry. Absolutely love half boiled eggs spread over the don with their special sauce.

Have you tried Katsuya Tonkatsu before?


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