Kanazawa Castle 金沢城 – Located beside the Kenrokuen Garden

The visit to Kanazawa Castle wasn’t intentional. We had only wanted to see the fame Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa instead. But since it was just nearby, we decided to go see it and walk around the castle grounds.


The castle park is a big area that is accessible from many sides, with the more popular main entrance facing the Kenrokuen through the Ishikawa-mon Gate, which we used.

Here is a panoramic view of the area. It was quite empty and not really interesting. We heard there could be some upgrading going on to develop the grounds.



Unlike other more famous castle in Japan, the Kanazawa main castle is small, long and short, the keeps and turrets are therefore more photogenic.


We spent not more than 30 minutes walking around the castle. One last wefie before going back to Kanazawa for the night.


You may want to visit Kanazawa Castle if you are going to the Kenrokuen Garden (One of top 3 garden in Japan), just to cross out this off your bucket list.



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