JR Vacation Travel Talk #5 – Dormy Inn and Sunflower

JR Vacation says…

A picturesque view before us in summer Hokkaido 2015. It was our first driving trip in Hokkaido which we drove for 1.5 hours from Sapporo to Hokuryu Town to visit this famous sunflower festival.

Well, I have to admit the experience was compromised by the super sunny weather with much buzzing heard as we ventured into the field. Nevertheless, it was very memorable and this shot even won me the top prize in a photography contest! ?

More details can be found in my blog:

Had my first solo Japan trip in summer 2015. I decided to stay in my regular hotel chain – Dormy Inn for a peace of mind, and was lucky to obtain a good rate for the newly opened Dormy Inn Ueno Okachimachi!

Well, that’s my only visit in this property as the room rates have soared since then. ?

It was a single room, super clean and relatively huge! Love it that they separate the sleeping area with a sliding door. The bonuses of staying in Dormy Inn chain are their rejuvenating in-house public bath and sumptuous complimentary ramen supper every evening between 9.30pm – 11pm. Really super shiok to have onsen bath every evening after a day of intensive walking (shopping).

I usually booked via Expedia or Agoda but now they have a loyalty membership point system for reservations on their official website! More information:

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