Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo

JR Vacation says…

Summer is incomplete without viewing hanabi (fireworks)! Our first hanabi viewing was in Summer 2015 at The Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo.

Many Japanese dressed up in Yukata and were at site way in advanced, placing their picnic mats in a very orderly manner. We were watching it from across on a bridge near Shinagawa. Can’t pinpoint exact spot as we were merely following the huge crowd from JR Shinagawa station. ?

What’s special about the Japanese hanabi was their creative fireworks. There were multi coloured ones and in various shapes and images! Can you spot an apple, a smiling face and hemisphere? There were also Doraemon and Hello Kitty but not captured in this video. Another unique trait was these fireworks were displayed for an hour!!! We did not even stay throughout the full session to avoid the huge departing congestion. Enjoy!

More details on hanabi viewings this summer:


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