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JR Vacation Travel Talk #2 – Our longest ever train ride, Wagyu beef and Autumn leaves at Kawaguchiko

JR Vacation says:
This photo was taken in our longest-ever train ride (approximate 6-7 hours) from Ueno in Tokyo to Hakodate in Hokkaido in winter 2014. We wanted to experience traveling from a non-snowy city to a snowy city; the magical moment of witnessing snow when the train travels out from the tunnel. It was indeed a very exciting moment at first but after witnessing 3-4 times of such moments (it’s surprising that the train travels through snowing- non snowing- snowing weather), I started to feel really bored on the train! So, this became the first and last time we travelled on such route. Btw, this hello kitty is actually a mini heatpad cover. ?

Our first taste of wagyu beef in this Hawaiian themed bbq restaurant at Kawaguchiko in June 2014 and it remains the best ever! I could still vaguely remember how the beef just melt in my mouth instantly. Maybe it’s the first experience or maybe R is just good at bbqing. ? Will definitely return to this restaurant if we visit kawaguchiko again.
Hana Amiyaki Kawaguchiko:

Fond memories of autumn foliage viewing at Fujikawaguchiko Autumn Leaves Festival in 2014. Beautiful sighting of a shy Mt Fuji behind the clouds, and leaves of different hues of red, orange, green and yellow within the park, accompanied by occasional breeze.
2018 Fujikawaguchiko Autumn leaves Festival will take place from November 1 to November 23.

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