JR Vacation Travel Talk #1 – Can you see the shy Fujisan, Selfie with giraffe at Asahiyama Zoo, and Candid Shot at Arashiyama, Kyoto

A shot taken from the JR track platform on the way to Kawasaki. There is something about the beauty of Mt Fuji as a backdrop behind these buildings. It’s so surreal and majestic that you can’t take your eyes off it…

JR Vacation’s first winter holiday in 2013. It’s a one week Hokkaido trip, using Sapporo as our base with daily day-hopping to different cities/towns. A memorable visit to Asahiyama Zoo, located in Asahikawa at -10 degrees. This zoo is famous for their winter penguin walk. However, my favorite is the giraffe, which look so endearing! Aww~~~ ?Highly recommended to visit Asahiyama zoo in winter! You will have an extraordinary experience tracking your way to visit the animals in snow.
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Friends. Sunshine. Fun
Secretly snapped this candid shot of Japanese high school students at the Ōi River bank, Arashiyama Kyoto in hot summer 2015. Strangely, I remember their happy and sunshine vibes more than the famous bamboo grove. Nevertheless, Arashiyama is a national designated historic site and Place of Scenic Beauty, which I feel is best recommended to visit during Spring and Autumn. Easily accessible from Kyoto within 30 minutes, it has a few ryokans and a little touristy retailing street lined with souvenir shops and eateries.
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