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HyperDia-Tips to plan travel routes in Japan

What is HyperDia? Anyone who first come into contact with the Japanese train system map would be shocked by the massive train routes operated across the country. Sure blurr and stressss at first sight! How do we decipher this colourful criss-cross line map and know which is the best train route to take based on our requirements? Try HyperDia!

The HyperDia route search engine designed by Hitachi Systems Ltd is our easy solution to calculating and generating up to a maximum of 10 possible train routes to your point of destination, simply by selecting a few search parameters!

How to use the HyperDia system?

Dah-da! You will see the most optimal route to reach your point of destination with essential information like how long the journey takes, the arrival and departure train track, train arrival and departure time (Note: Japan train system is well-known for their time accuracy!), different train number of transfer to take, estimated total fare charge and breakdown of charges if you are travelling on tracks operated by different train companies.

If you click on STATION TIMETABLE, it will display all the timings of similar train journey for the day.

Click on TRAIN TIMETABLE, it will display the number of stations you will travel based on the generated train journey.

If you click on INTERVAL TIMETABLE, it will display the combined detailed information of the station timetable and train timetable.

There are also useful links on the right side where you can search for map, hotels, restaurants and rent-car service around the vicinity.

JR Vacation says:

Have fun exploring the amazing things that technology do for us!

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