Hundreds of Maneki Neko at Gotokuji Temple, Tokyo

Let’s pay tribute to the most famous feline – maneki neko at Gotokuji Temple in Japan! It is International Cat Day today!

We all love maneki neko, be it the beckoning (paw) call or the auspicious significant it carries, fondly known as 招财猫 (means cat which attracts fortune). The visit to Gotokuji Temple was a spectacular one where hundreds of maneki neko of various sizes lay before me! I also believe these maneki neko brought me good luck and fortune as the mesmerizing view won me the top prize in an Instagram competition thereafter!

The temple is located in the residential area of Setagaya Ward and an approximate 10 minutes walk from Gotokuji Station. Free entry and open from 0600-1800 hours daily. Sharing some images taken in Gotokuji Temple.

Picture perfect with hundreds of maneki neko figurines in various sizes!

Another view. Can you spot some really cute and tiny ones?

A cozy spot among the temple beams for the tiny maneki neko figurines.

These figurines are on sale too. Unfortunately I arrived just 30 minutes prior to closing and the sale counter is already closed.

A big wooden maneki neko stand for photo taking. ?

Lots of ema (wooden wishing plaques printed with an image of maneki neko) hanged by visitors or worshippers.

A huge urn near the entrance of the temple.

You can also buy omikuji (fortune telling strips) in the temple. If you happen to draw an unlucky lot, the custom is to tie it on the pine tree so that you do not carry the bad luck with you…

Great weather on that day with clear blue sky and gentle evening sun rays in summer.

A peaceful moment as I wandered around…. being probably the only and last visitor of the day.. ?

The entrance of Gotokuji Temple.

The temple is located within the residential
area of Setagaya Ward. A signage that indicates you are in the right direction.

Close up view of the signage.

Along the way from Gotokuji Station to Gotokuji Temple, you will pass by some shops in the neighborhood. This shop specializes in selling different types of sweet potatoes, roasted chestnuts and Okinawa brown sugar.

It’s without doubt that the residents adore maneki neko! A cute art piece done by the preschool at the shopfront.




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