How to play PachiSlot in Japan Pachinko Parlour

The GoGo PachiSlot is my favourite game in a Japanese Pachinko Parlour due to its simplicity and fast paced gaming. A pachinko parlour may seem daunting for new visitors, but it is actually a really fun place to hang out and spend some time, with a chance of winning some dinner money.

GoGo Pachislot

In major cities, one can find a pachinko parlour at almost every street near the train stations. Just hop into one and look out for the GoGo sign. These are PachiSlot machines that looks and function like a typical western slot machine.

Be warned that this is not an amusement centre. You are actually playing with real money and more often than not, you will leave with a thinner wallet. These centers are also crazy loud with all these machines at full volume blast. Smoking is also almost always permitted at these places and it can get really polluted here.

But all pachinko parlours in Japan are extremely safe. Do not worry about getting into any sort of trouble. Everyone plays their own game and nobody will ever bother you.

How to play GoGo Pachislot

Playing is simple.

  • You put in a 1000yen note into the cash machine (usually located at the top right of the pachislot machine) and receive 48 coins, each valued at 20yen.
  • Insert the coins into the machine.
  • Press the “Max Bet” button. This will cost you 3 coins.
  • Tap the lever. Usually a black round knob.
  • The reels will start spinning.
  • Press each of the 3 stop buttons to stop the reels.
  • Repeat.
  • You win some coins when there are 3 of the same pattern (grape, bell, etc)
  • You win a Regular Bonus with a BAR-BAR-7 pattern
  • You win a Big Bonus with a 7-7-7 pattern.

Similar to a slot machine, this game is all about luck. You will find yourself spending all the time repeating the above process. What you are waiting for is for the “GOGO!” icon to light up on the machine. See below for example. When this happens, you are guaranteed to get a Bonus chance. In the next round, you will need to get a BAR-BAR-7 or a 7-7-7 pattern which pays a Regular Bonus and Big Bonus respectively. To get the pattern on the fast spinning reels requires a bit of training and timing. If you find yourself having problem getting it, you can always press the “Call” button at the top of the machine and an attendant will approach and help you out.

A Regular Bonus pays out 120 coins and a Big Bonus pays out 360 coins. The winning coins are spewed out of the machine into the tray below. If you are lucky and win some consecutive Big Bonus, you will find your tray overflowing with coins. Simply grab a removable plastic tray (usually found above the machine) and transfer your coins to it.

Cashing out

Once you are happy with your winnings and decide to call it a day, transfer all your coins to the removable plastic tray and carry them to a coins counting machine, or approach an attendant. They will then help you to count all your coins and provide you a receipt.

With your receipt, you can now go to the cashier and exchange it for various items like snacks, drinks or souvenirs. But for me, I will always exchange it for gold tokens like the below.

With these tokens, you will need to exit the pachinko parlour and look for a TUC shop. These shops are usually located near the pachinko parlour. If you can’t find one, just follow a patron at the cashier and hopefully they will lead you to one. At the TUC shop, drop these tokens into the drawer and exchange for cold hard cash.

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That’s it. You can find yourself spending many hours inside a pachinko parlour and walked out with a few thousand yen richer. It is a good place to spend your time and rest your legs while waiting for the madam to do her shopping.


R, the other half of JRVacation, is addicted to playing Pachinko in Japan and loves Japanese food, especially the fast food joints Sukiya and Matsuya. Dreams of visiting all 47 prefectures in Japan and is currently planning for the next trip to the land of the rising sun.

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