Hanayashiki – A hidden theme park for family in Asakusa Tokyo

Visitors to Japan are familiar with Tokyo Disneyland, Universal Studios in Osaka, or Fuji Q Highland. But do you know that there is a theme park in the center of Tokyo city in Asakusa? Hanayashiki (浅草花やしき) holds the record of Oldest Amusement Park in Japan, dating back to 1853 when it was first started as a flower park. Today, this theme park is popular with local families for its kids friendly rides and cheap tickets.

On this hot hot summer day with temperature reaching almost 35 degrees celsius, we visited Hanayashiki which was within walking distance from our Airbnb apartment. The theme park is only 3 minutes walk from the Asakusa Tsukuba station, and is just beside a popular shopping street in Asakusa.

We paid an entrance fee of 1000yen for each adult and bought a dozen tickets for the rides. Each ticket is 100yen and the rides cost around 2 to 5 tickets each.

Here is one of the smaller ferris wheels for the little one to warm up.

Don’t expect to find thrilling roller coasters here. Hanayashiki is a family amusement park for the children, suitable for ages up to teens. Even on this hot weekday, we were surprised to find the park crowded with mostly local families and students. Don’t remember seeing any foreign tourists, which is great!

Hanayashiki park is packed with all kinds of rides and other attractions. Unlike Disneyland, there isn’t much open space for visitors to sit and rest. On the second floor of the small building is a cafe selling simple food like drinks and bread.

A game center, the only place with air conditioning in the park, can be found on the first floor. There is also a small flower park and pond with live fishes such as Koi.

After spending time at Hanayashiki Amusement Park, we went to the Shin Nakamise Shopping street for early dinner at Sukiya. This is the Shin Nakamise, not the Nakamise street at Sensoji Temple that mostly caters to tourists, shopping street that includes a really nice Don Quixote outlet. Highly recommend to visit this shopping street if you would like to get away from the crowd.

Hanayashiki theme park may not be the most popular nor does it has exciting attractions, but we think it is very family friendly and the little one enjoyed herself thoroughly even on this hot day.

Do give it a try if you are in the Asakusa area and has time to spend. The park is open from 10am to 6pm. Walking time of 3 minutes from Asakusa Tsukuba Station or 6 minutes from the Asakusa Metro Station.



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