Hair Salon Euphoria Ginza Grande Tokyo (English speaking)

One of the distinctive characteristics of Japanese culture is their impeccable grooming standards, especially their perfectly groomed salon hair. In fact, there are aplenty hair salons in Tokyo but language barrier pose a huge hurdle for tourists like us. Unfortunately, Japanese hair salons in Singapore are extremely pricey.

Finally 4 years ago, I found a hair salon with English-speaking hairstylist at Euphoria Shibuya Hair Salon! I was thoroughly impressed when my hairstylist, Chieko-san managed to colour touch-up my hair roots to match exactly that of my existing hair colour. Also, the service was impeccable and my hair condition was great after using their colouring product, without any hair treatment! Most importantly, the cost is similar to that of a shopping mall hair salon in Singapore! Since then, visiting Chieko-san at Euphoria has become a standard routine for every Tokyo trip!

Chieko-san in Euphoria Shibuya salon in 2014.

About Chieko-san, the Hair Stylist (Top Creator)

Having trained in New York and Sydney for several years, Chieko-san speaks fluent English and there is absolutely no barrier in communication. In fact, Chieko-san is always more than happy to practice her English with foreign tourists! She is experienced working with “foreign hair” (afterall, our hair texture differs from Japanese’s due to the climate that we are in) and provides great advise and recommendations on hair styles. Her warm and bubbly personality make every conversation and experience so enjoyable. I think she is one of the indirect motivators for my frequent trips to Tokyo – whenever I need to visit a hair salon. That’s simply because I can safely leave my damaged tresses in her excellent hands! In 2017, Chieko-san was transferred to Euphoria Ginza Grande Hair Salon and now heads the hair salon.

Directions to Euphoria Ginza Grande Hair Salon:

The easiest way to reach Euphoria is to take metro, alight at GINZA station, exit B3.
Euphoria is on the right side of the street.

Soon, you will see a big boutique: TAKANO YURI. Euphoria is in the same building on level 4.

You may also like to check out the tourist service centre on level 7 of the building.

Tada! The lift opens to the reception of the salon.

Euphoria Hair Salon’s Warm Welcome 

1. After registering at the reception, Euphoria’s friendly receptionist will present to you a small black tote bag. This tote bag is for you to place in items you would like to bring to your seat such as mobile phone, mobile charger etc.

Bigger items such as your jacket or bag will be stored in their lockers. You can safe-keep the key for direct retrieval of items at the end of your hair session.  If you are wearing earrings, the staff will give you a mini ziplock bag to store them.

Spacious locker with hanger for your jacket! How thoughtful!
Waiting zone next to the lockers.
The signature Euphoria tote bag. (Image taken on a different visit.)

2. Next, to select your preferred latest issue of Japanese magazines for browsing. English magazines are available as well!

3. You will be asked to select your complimentary drink from the fridge. Fanta and Qoo are always my favourite!

4. Proceed to the main hair service hall. An overview of the hair salon:

5. Settle down at your designated seat. You will be given a velvet lap blanket and a plush round cushion. This cushion acts as a magazine cushion for utmost reading comfort.

6. Once you have settled down, the hairstylist will have a consultation session with you, followed by the hair-wash service. I always look forward to the hair-washing moment; their shampooing and massaging techniques are so relaxing and therapeutic that I always dozed off.

I’m also always impressed with the reclining seat at the hair washing area and the cotton face cover given during the session. These gestures are especially thoughtful in reducing the awkwardness of struggling to lie down or sit up, or the close face-to-face proximity with the service staff during the hair washing session. (Without the face cover, I always feel uncomfortable and am obliged to close my eyes as I don’t know where to look.)

Demonstration of the reclining seat:

We can’t help but giggled during the video-ing. haha.

7. After the relaxing hair wash, it’s time for hair blow and hair cut. Of course, the sequence differs depending on your requested hair services.

Pampering by the ladies on one of the occasions.

 Trimming in progress by Chieko-san.

Me and Chieko-san on another occasion. Satisfied as always.

Euphoria Ginza Grande Hair Salon
New-Ginza Bldg No 6 4F
5-5-7 Ginza Chuo-ku
Tokyo 104-0061 Japan

Tel:  +81 3-6274-6177



Instagram: euphoria_ginzag

If you prefer an English-speaking hair stylist, do ask for Chieko-san. In the event that she is unavailable, she is more than happy to help with English translation for her colleagues! You may email her in English for a hair appointment. 

Ms Chieko Kobayashi
Top Creator (English-speaking)
Email: [email protected]
Note: Chieko-san’s OFF day is on every Monday.

Location/ contact details of all other branches:

Price range (subject to changes):
JR Vacation says…

1. Do make a reservation before going. You may ask the hotel reception to assist or email Chieko-san directly. 

2. Due to the high quality of hair products used, my hair still remains smooth and soft. I typically do not require additional hair treatment service in the hair salon after a hair colour job. As such, hair treatment may be optional. 

3. Do check out their website for discounted hair salon coupons! Google translate comes into good use here for translation into English!>menu->coupon->select the branch you are going. 

4. Japanese hair salons are becoming popular in Singapore, but charging premium prices. Why not consider visiting a Japanese hair salon in Tokyo and sport a new hair-do at a much lower cost!

Previous hair colour/cut/perm by Chieko-san at Euphoria. If you noticed, I always go for the same brown tone – which I called it the “Japanese brown”. Chieko-san will understand which colour tone I am referring to.. haha

I hope you will enjoy the hair salon service in Japan as much as I do! And in case you are wondering, this is a NOT a sponsored blogpost! Just purely sharing my wonderful experience with everyone. 🙂

Jue Wee

Hi there! We are just a pair of Singaporean couple who have an extraordinary love for Japan travel. Our first visit to Japan was in 2011 and since then, we are addicted! With more than 18 F&E visits, we are happy to share our experiences and tips on Japanese travel, food, shopping and culture via this blog, especially with first-time visitors from Singapore to Japan. We would love to also interact with fellow Japan travel lovers and do feel free to drop us a line if you have queries, information to share or require assistance in your trip planning. Enjoy the ride on our JR Vacation! Jue Wee.

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