Gallery of Steel Figures at Prague 1 Square

The shopping district in Prague 1 near the Mustek Metro station is filled with malls, restaurants, museums and galleries. After having breakfast at one of the cafe, we passed by the Gallery of Steel Figures.

This is one of the popular tourist attraction especially for families with children. The gallery featured life-sized steel figurines made from 100% recycled scrap metal inspired by comic books, children stories, and other famous movies. Classed as an Arts Gallery, the exhibits changes every few month and visitors can always expect something new to see.

We were too early and the Gallery of Steel Figures wasn’t opened for business yet. But there are still quite a number of amazing figurines on displayed outside that is opened free for the public. We took the opportunity to snap some photos.

Optimus Prime from the Transformers Movies at almost 3 metres tall. Details were incredible and upon a closer look, you can see the bolts and nuts reused from an automobile.

Minion! Looks like recycled from a trash bin.

A familiar looking character but not sure what is the name. Do let me know if you have an idea who that might be.

Another famous movie character, the ET!

These are the few free Steel Figures opened for the public. To enter the gallery you will need to buy an entrance ticket that is around 20 euros. Not exactly cheap and we decide to give this a miss. The free ones are good enough for us.

The Gallery of Steel Figures is located beside this Square that connects different shopping streets. Here, there are many street performers, like the Polar Bear here.

And then try to do some fancy shots.


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