Flower Themed Cafe 4: Flower Cafe Kazahana Tokyo

The Flower Cafe Kazahana (Flower&cafe風花) was a hidden gem in Minami Aoyama that I chanced upon by accident on the internet and it remains as one of my very best finds in Tokyo!

Unsurprisingly, the cafe is also located in one of those small quiet streets. I walked past a few shops and was attracted by this particular one. I thought this was the cafe but it is actually a hair salon.


Wow~~~I wondered how much efforts is spent to maintain these greenery…

I crossed the street and was WOWed by another building which is maybe 10 times more foresty-looking than the salon before. Then, I realised this is Flower Cafe Kazahana! My goodness!!! I’m so speechless by this densely arranged vertical “plant-house” right before me! This is no ordinary horticulture arrangement. Simply mind-blowing~~~


I felt like I was entering into a forest and was feeling strangely nervous. haha


The white signage which stood out among the greens. They also sell hydrangeas which were in season then.

The sound from water feature and aquarium was apparent in this small and cosy cafe. The cafe probably seats less than 20 persons with just a few table and bar counter seats. The ceiling was again densely decorated with plants and there were more plants, a florist corner and several aquariums at the front of the cafe. I was seated facing a big aquarium. Watching the fishes swim and listening to the aquarium sounds provided me with a sense of tranquility. Peaceful. Happy.

Overview of the cafe.


I am very impressed by the ceiling arrangement! But… how do they maintain and water the plants? Wouldn’t water drip on the floor? mmm…..


My view and my meal companions. 🙂 By the way, these fishes are on sale too!

Cute menu presentations and I’m glad they have English menus as well.






I ordered a cake set of Tiramisu and their signature Kazahana Cappuccino.

The order took a while to deliver and I was starting to feel impatient. When they came, I immediately understood they were totally worth the wait.

The beautiful chocolate platted tiramisu presentation had taken me by surprise! It was so beautiful!!!! Just look at the details – a sprinkle of matcha powder (for the leaves) and pink powder (for the flowers), and the patchy chocolate ground….Somehow, the chocolate tree stole the limelight of the tiramisu! haha…it was definitely a piece of food art! I can’t help but imagining the amount of practices taken to master this chocolate painting.


The food art. 🙂

For a moment, my sense of excitement override my hunger and I spent a fair bit of time on lots of selfies with my set lunch.  haha


My aromatic Kazahana Cuppucino with a smooth textured froth and beautifully decorated with small flower petals.


During my meal, I surfed and found out more about this cafe. It was founded by a famous Garden Designer, Mr Ishihara Kazuyuki (石原和幸) who first started his career in Japanese Ikebana, and subsequently carved out a niche in garden building design. He was also the first person in history to be awarded gold medals in “Best Artisan Garden” for consecutively 4 years in the widely acclaimed Chelsea Flower Show organised by the British Royal Horticultural Society.

The Flower Cafe Kazahana is of course one of the masterworks by Kazuyuki Ishihara Design Laboratory and it serves as a garden design company, florist, cafe, bar and private event venue. In fact, the greenery bushy exterior of the hair salon (refer to the first picture) was also one of their works!

I was also delighted to find many more kawaii and impressive chocolate plated designs uploaded on their Facebook page.









Address: 〒107-0062 東京都港区南青山3-9-1 アブリム1F
3-9-1 Minami Aoyama Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Tokyo, Abu Mu 1F

Telephone: 03-6659-4093 / FAX: 03-6659-4094 / E-mail: [email protected]
Opening hours: 10am to 6pm

Website and Menu: http://www.kaza-hana.jp/special/cafe/
Specialities: Tiramisu, Kazahana Cappucino, herbal teas.

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/Flowercafekazahana/

Miwa says…

  • The cafe is small with limited seatings. As such, you may want to make a reservation.
  • Make sure you save some stomach space for the cakes! Aren’t you looking forward to your customised chocolate plating design? 🙂
  • Stay patient for the desserts!



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