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Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo

JR Vacation says… Summer is incomplete without viewing hanabi (fireworks)! Our first hanabi viewing was in Summer 2015 at The Sumida River Fireworks Festival in Tokyo. Many Japanese dressed up in Yukata and were at site way in advanced, placing their picnic mats in a very orderly manner. We were watching it from across on …

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Ryokan Experience, Kourakuen in Otaru 小樽宏楽園温泉旅館

Staying in a Japanese Ryokan is one of the unique experience that visitors to Japan must try. These japanese-style inns offer traditional facilities like onsen, tatami floors, futon beds and multi course meals known as Kaiseki. As part of our Hokkaido trip, we went to for a day stay at Kourakuen Onsen Ryokan in Otaru. …

Event Japan Kanto (Tokyo) Places of Interest Visiting

Shonen Jump 50th Anniversary Exhibition Vol 2. Featuring iconic manga from the 90s

I visited the Shonen Jump Exhibition at Moro Arts Museum at Roppongi Hill. This is volume 2 of the exhibition that features 1990s flagship manga. Volume 1 are older manga prior to 1990 and Volume 3, scheduled to start in June, will be on manga from 2000s onwards. Although I do like some of the …