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Dresden Old Town – Swinger Garden and Royal Palace

Continuing from our trip in Dresden Old Town, we explored the magnificent Swinger Garden and the Dresden Royal Palace next. All of these attractions are within walking distance from each other and makes visiting them easy and convenient. Swinger Garden Built in the early 1700s, the Swinger Garden was originally an open area surrounded by …


Dresden Old Town – Cathedral of the Holy Trinity & Fürstenzug

The Dresden Altstadt (Old Town) is the centre of city life and home to many cultural institutions, including the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and the Fürstenzug. Dresden’s historical centre is about 20 minutes walk from the main railway station with numerous sightseeing spots along the way. Located beside the beautiful Elbe river bank, Dresden Altstadt attracts …


Brandenburg Gate – Berlin Symbol of Unity

Brandenburg Gate The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most famous landmark. Built over two hundred years ago, the monumental gate is often regarded as a symbol for peace and unity not just in Germany, but across Europe as well. After going through multiple destruction and reconstructions over the years, Brandenburg Gate underwent a thorough …