Dresden Old Town – Cathedral of the Holy Trinity & Fürstenzug

The Dresden Altstadt (Old Town) is the centre of city life and home to many cultural institutions, including the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity and the Fürstenzug. Dresden’s historical centre is about 20 minutes walk from the main railway station with numerous sightseeing spots along the way. Located beside the beautiful Elbe river bank, Dresden Altstadt attracts thousands of visitors everyday from around Europe and other parts of the world.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity

One of the most important catholic church in the city is the Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. Designed and built in the 1700s, the church was however badly damaged during World War 2. Restoration by East Germany started in the 80s and a full scale renovation was done after the unification.

Cathedral of the Holy Trinity is huge, occupying an area of more than 4800 square meters. A walk around the church offers many photo taking opportunities. Most notable features of this architecture is the numerous stone figures lined at the top of the building. Each of them are unique, and represents the Apostles, saints and church dignitaries.


Nearby, is the Fürstenzug, also known as the Stallhof and Procession of Princes.

Saxony is a landlocked federal state of Germany that has a long history lasting more than a millenium. The Fürstenzug is a large mural with portraits of ancient rulers of Saxony. Also known as the Stallhof and Procession of Princes, the 102 metres long porcelain artwork was painted in the late 1800s and features Kings and Royals from the 12th century to beginning of 20th century.

The Fürstenzug was so long that it was impossible to take a photo of the whole place. The ancient drawing is detailed and continuous telling of a 800 year story from the right to left. 23,000 porcelain tiles were used and this is also known as the largest porcelain artwork in the world.

A really unique piece of art and architecture, the Fürstenzug is a must to visit when you are in Dresden. It is recommended to read up on the ancient history of Saxony and Dresden to better appreciate this mural.

There are more attractions in Dresden Altstadt which we will cover in future posts. Stay tuned!


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