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Customized Pillow from Tokyo Nishikawa – offers great comfort and support for a good night sleep

Do you suffer from poor sleep quality every night with shoulder and neck ache in the morning? Do you always find yourself repurchasing pillows because you can’t seem to find THE ONE of the suitable height and density? How about buying yourself a useful souvenir from Japan: a customized pillow that is especially tailored-made to provide you with the highest level of quality sleep.

I came to know about Tokyo Nishikawa from Facebook and learnt that they are known as the “Sleeping Master” in Japan with a heritage of more than 450 years in Japan! Most importantly, I was fully impressed with the technology and concept behind their customized pillow – a product which I have never thought would exist!

During my Japan trip, I’m surprised to find the standing store of Pillow Stand (a subsidiary brand of Tokyo Nishikawa) just directly opposite my hotel in Akihabara and they do sell customized pillows too.

Despite the relatively small shopspace, Pillow Stand showcases a complete range of different pillows and beddings. You can choose from ready-made pillows (similar to those you buy off-rack in department stores) or their signature customized range, which you select your preferred pillow fillings.

I have already done my due research and am of course getting the customized pillow. 🙂

STEP 1: Select your preferred pillow package (according to price range)

Type 1: Basic Package at 9,800 yen before taxes

Type 2: Deluxe Package at 15,800 yen before taxes

Type 3: Premium Package at 25,000 yen before taxes

STEP 2: Measure the height of your pillow

The next step is to take measurement for the height of your pillow. This special ruler below will measure the shape of your head and curve of your neck to find out the optimal height for your pillow. Note: the optimal height will provide highest level of support for your neck when you sleep.

STEP 3: Select your preferred fillings for your pillow

This step is very subjective as everyone has their own preferred level of softness or hardness for their pillow. You need to lie down on their bed and do take your time to try out the various sample pillows. You will be surprised of the differences they made to the comfort level and density of your pillow!

STEP 4: Test your pillow based on your preferred fillings and the recommended optimal height

This is the final and most important step as you finalize the production of your customized pillow! Do take your time to test with varying height combinations and sleeping positions. I was surprised to find out that due to the shape of my head and curve of my neck, my customized pillow has two different heights for sleeping sideways and on my back.

After the completion of your pillow testing, you will be asked to fill in a form. Details of your pillow and measurements will be keyed into Tokyo Nishikawa’s records.

Preparation of my customized pillow……

Do not worry if you can’t converse in Japanese. In fact, I managed to engage in a “fluent conversation” with the assistance of google translate and these cards.

The shop do sell other merchandise as well such as pillow cases, essential oils, room fragrances etc…Oh! They also sell mattresses and quilts!

A section selling pillow and beddings for infants and toddlers. 

Yeah! My pillow is ready! You will have a final testing again of the completed product. I’m pleasantly surprised by the flat and compact packaging, which enable me to squeeze it into a hand-carry bag on board my flight. 

Pillow Stand (a subsidiary brand of Tokyo Nishikawa)

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Tokyo Nishikawa

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JR Vacation says:

I hope you like this recommendation – an addition to the products you can buy from Japan directly!

Cheers to a well-rested and comfortable sleep!

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