CURRY HOUSE CoCo ICHIBANYA Japanese-style Curry

CoCo Ichibanya – Another eating on a budget series in Japan

One of our favourite chain restaurants in Japan is the Curry House CoCo Ichibanya. With over a thousand stores in Japan alone, you can easily find one at major shopping streets. CoCo Ichibanya is also inexpensive and each curry rice comes in huge generous portion of curry and meat.

Here is the menu and always available in English as well as other major languages too. The most popular seems to be beef curry and chicken katsu curry. Sometimes there are special set such as clams curry, combo meals, and other seafood variety. Each meal range from 800Yen to 1000+ yen and are really filling, so it is definitely worth the price. Similar to most restaurants in Japan, ice water are provided free of charge.

This is a combo curry set consisting of chicken cutlet and chicken karaage. Absolutely delicious and the portion is huge! This costs slightly more than 1000yen.

Another chicken cutlet set with clams. Clams with Coco curry is really yummy and highly recommended. There are also special sauce provided free by the shop which you can add to your meal.

Other than in Japan, CoCo Ichibanya also has stores in other countries, including a couple in Singapore. We had tried the curry rice in Singapore but it is just different. Not sure if it is the taste or the atmosphere, but CoCo curry rice is definitely better in Japan.

Have you tried Coco Curry Rice before?

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