Cupcakes and High Tea at la petite mercerie Cafe Tokyo

Love cupcakes? Shopping in Tokyo with a child/toddler (especially girls)/female companion and looking for a cafe with desserts that will appeal to the young and old? Simply looking for a pit-stop to rest your aching feet from the shopping? Longing for peaceful me-time where you can admire people-watching within the bustling city? All the above conditions in a cafe that is conveniently located within a popular shopping mall, with conducive environment and friendly pricing? Well, la petite mercerie would be the perfect place for you!!!

la petite mercerie is a sweets (dessert) cafe, which specializes in exquisite cakes and decorative cupcakes. The cafe concept is inspired by a small handicrafts studio in Antwerp, Belgium that delicately produces beautiful pieces of handicrafts, generations after generations, with the constant warm humming sound from the sewing machine. Likewise, la petite mercerie envision to produce handmade delectable desserts, which evoke warmth and happiness to all patrons. I think they are very successful as their pastries always look so attractive and appetizing that I can’t make up my mind which to order.

Conveniently located just before the escalator of level 2 at Shinjuku Lumine Est (which is by the way, my all-time favourite mall in Tokyo. Read my recommendations on shopping paradise: Lumine Est Shinjuku), you will hardly miss the attractive and display counter of la petite mercerie. Do expect long queue during meal times as the cafe is relatively small and popular with mall shoppers, especially for their window seats that provide the view of Shinjuku shopping streets. Great view and environment for me-time or people-watching.

Overview of la petite mercerie:

I tried the highly recommended Afternoon High Tea set during my first visit. This set consists of a 2-tier dessert tray, which you can customize your preferred selected desserts from a selection of tarts, cookies, brownies, mousses and macarons. It also includes a beverage: tea or coffee. It’s a little disappointing that their cupcakes are not included in the High Tea set. Of course, that  doesn’t stop me from making an ala carte order of the cupcake! haha.

The seasonal “princess-themed” High-Tea menu called “la petite princesse”. I’m sure girls will love this theme! (Think Disney princesses and associate that with the colour of the cupcakes: Pink=Aurora, Berry=Ariel, Yellow=Belle, Blue=Cinderella!) Oh look at the glass slipper and tiara cookie! So kawaii~~~

I’m thoroughly impressed with the cupcake menu. The cafe clearly list out all the ingredients and the construction/layerings in the cupcake. This is helpful especially for patrons / children with dietary constraints. I think they did a great drawing of the cupcakes too! Kawaii ne~~~ Such a difficult decision to select THE ONE!

Yeah! It’s here! So pretty! Oh I love the Chinaware! Did you notice I select the same one shown on menu? Too tough for me to customise!

Now, it’s time for each piece of dessert to take the center stage…

The chick (or bird?)! So chirpy-looking!

Fromage macaron with whipped cream and raspberry! Love the sweet rose scent!

The third dessert is fruit cocktail jelly. These three form the first tier.

Cinderella glass slipper cookie. Mmm…this Cinderella wears pointed toe with chunky heels pumps. hehe…

The real Princess wears tiara! So, you get the Princess tiara cookie! 🙂

Together with the strawberry sherbet and scone with jam and clotted cream, they complete the second tier of the Afternoon High Tea set.

The beautiful full display again. Feeling like a pampered princess indeed. Itadakimasu!

Oh! How can we miss out The cupcake! Can you guess the flavour of this cupcake?

Well, I figured one can never go wrong with strawberry shortcake in Japan! Ta-da! This is the Princess Strawberry Shortcake cupcake! Don’t you think it looks exactly as shown on the menu? I’m impressed!

Let’s check out the other available desserts from the display fridge!

Oh my! The cakes are so pretty and sweet-looking – they melt the ladies’ heart! Do note all their pastries are available for take-away too!

Besides high-tea and desserts, la petite mercerie also serves pancakes and  main courses such as pastas and quiches.

Here are the dinner pastas that I have tried before, which are of course accompanied by a cupcake as dessert.

I think the BLTE Honey pancake looks yummy! Shall try it next time!

la petite mercerie



  • Lumine Est Shinjuku Level 2
    3 Chome-27-4 Shinjuku, Tokyo 160-0022, Japan

They have two other branches. 1 at Lumine Yurakucho and another 1 at S-PAL Sendai.

  • Lumine Yurakucho, Level 4
    2 Chome-2-5-1 Yurakucho, Chiyoda, Tokyo, Japan
  • S-PAL Sendai, Level 3
    Japan, 〒980-0021 Miyagi-ken, Sendai-shi, Aoba-ku, Chūō, 1 Chome−1−1 S-PAL-Sendai.

Enjoy the sweet moments with la petite mercerie!

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