Cozy Stationery Cafe in Tokyo – Bunbougu Cafe

Japanese are well-known for their innovation and creativity, and I’m excited to share on some very interesting finds that formed part of the stationery collection available at Bunbougu Cafe – a Stationery Cafe (Bunbougu means 文房具, stationery in Japanese) owned by Toukou Bros, a well-known stationery wholesaler in Japan.

Check out these amazing stationery!


An “anti-discard” blooming pencil!  The last 1/4 section of the pencil is embedded with plant seeds and you can simply recycle the pencil by growing it in soil. With a little water, sunlight, tender care and love, you can harvest a selection of herbs such as Chinese milk vetch plant, mini tomato, mealy sage, white clover or basil.


Pretty Sakura note tags. Awww….I can’t bring myself to peel off the petals and let the sakura wither…


How about some healthy and silky tofu post-it-notes?


No more worrying or frustration over mechanical pencil lead breakage during intensive writing!


Rainbow lead pencil and latte cup sharpener. I can’t make up my mind which is cuter!


Paper puppet pen to add some fun and humour to your day!


Spice up your bookshelf with these quirky house bookends!


Soft hue of pastels and such pretty flowery crayons.


Classy and kawaii leather rabbit penholder.


I can imagine the fun in rolling them around the table!


Pencil Copter which reminds me of Doraemon and colourful rhino crayons.

Located near Omotesando Station, Bunbougu Cafe is a land of paradise for stationery lovers who fancy a fun environment that promotes interactions and communications via scribbles. Cafe patrons are encouraged to pen their thoughts, ideas, drawings or anything on note pads with various interesting stationery placed on the corner table of the cafe.


The entrance to the cafe is quite small and I actually walked past it unknowingly! ? Perhaps, it is easier to use the neighbouring 7-11 as a landmark.

Overview of the cafe. The hidden gem down the flight of stairs with a small and cozy environment. Did you manage to spot those stationery which I have featured above?


A wide range of stationery and books for you to use freely.

Being also a cafe, they have a yummy selection of set menu, dessert, wine, coffee and tea. It’a pity that I was too full from my previous cafe visit and had to settle for a nice cup of tea. (Drooling at the menu again as I’m blogging this).





I’m thrilled and excited to commence this unique experience but being a typical kiasu Singaporean, I decided to check out what the other patrons have been scribbling from the notebooks…


Are they professional artists? I certainly don’t regard these as “scribbling~~~~~~~~~~”.

Extremely high immortal standards!!!

IMG_4041.JPGIMG_4037.JPG IMG_4042.JPGIMG_4044.JPG IMG_4039.JPGIMG_4038.JPG IMG_4045.JPG IMG_4040.JPG

IMG_4048.JPGIMG_4050.JPG IMG_4047.JPGIMG_4049.JPG IMG_4052.JPGIMG_4051.JPG IMG_4046.JPG

I wondered how long they took to complete the above?

Since there is no way I could draw as well as them, I decided to just chill and scribble whatever came to my mind…I don’t know how long I took but I do remember it was a very relaxing and peaceful moment.

Drawing and colouring have always been therapeutic for me.


They have an interesting membership concept at a one-time charge of ¥700. Members will receive a key that unlocks drawers (on some tables) containing exclusive range of pens and notebooks etc. Other privileges include 10% discount off food and drinks, and special invitations to private events such as stationary launch and focus group discussions with stationery makers.

My humble drawing.


To Bunbougu Cafe with love.

Bunbougu Cafe 文房具カフェ

Address: B1F, 4-8-1 Jingumae, Shibuya, Tokyo
                 神宮前4-8-1, Shibuya, Tokyo

Directions: Go to Omotesando Station, Exit A2

Tel: 03 3470 6420

Operating Hours: 10am to 11pm







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