Cherry Blossom Japan 2019

The cherry blossom season in Japan is just round the corner and we can expect full bloom starting at Kyushu from as early as next week. Sakura viewing is a huge thing in Japan as families and friends take time off and visit famous parks for gathering. Late March is also a peak period for tourism when throngs of visitors travel to Japan specially for the cherry blossom.

Unfortunately, we are not able to make it to Japan this year for the cherry blossom. In this post, let’s relive some of the moments we had in past years’ cherry blossom viewing.

The Kawazu Zakura cherry blossom festival remains one of our favourite experience during this period. It is one of the earliest cherry bloom in Japan, starting in early February when the weather is still relatively chilling. The site is located near the Kawazu station in Izu, a 2.5 hours train ride from Tokyo.

Rows of sakura trees lined the river side by side provides a picturesque instagrammable picture.





As with most festivals in Japan, there will be food stalls and food trucks for visitors to rest and enjoy some snacks and drinks. Crab soup, hotdogs, and chicken karaage are always our favourite street food. Seasonal snacks like the sakura mochi are also a hit among the visitors.

For more information on the Kawazu Zakura Cherry Blossom Festival, do check our this detailed post


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