Brandenburg Gate – Berlin Symbol of Unity

Brandenburg Gate

The Brandenburg Gate is one of Berlin’s most famous landmark. Built over two hundred years ago, the monumental gate is often regarded as a symbol for peace and unity not just in Germany, but across Europe as well. After going through multiple destruction and reconstructions over the years, Brandenburg Gate underwent a thorough renovation in 2002 and became what it is today. The large space in front of the gate, known as Pariser Platz, is also redeveloped and is now a favourite spot for tourists.

The Quadriga

Sitting at the top of the gate is a 4-horses chariot driven by the goddess of peace, collectively known as The Quadriga. However, the bronze statues we see today are not the original created 200 years ago. During World War 2, Berlin was one of the most heavily destroyed cities and The Quadriga was badly damaged beyond repair. The Quadriga was reconstructed in the 50s, using the original mold.

During our Berlin trip, we made sure to visit the Brandenburg Gate, it was the top attraction on tripadvisor. On this cloudless afternoon under the clear blue sky, the Brandenburg Gate appears extraordinarily grand. In the night, the lighted gate and Quadriga is even more awesome, but we didn’t stay for it.

The Brandenburg Gate is located at the end of Unter den Linden, which is a popular broadway lined with shops, including the Ampelmann shop. The Pariser Platz square has the best spots to take photos of the gate and is always crowded with tourists.

For a less crowded spot for photo taking, we just need to cross the gate and get to the other side. But the Quadriga will not be visible from this side of the gate.

The Brandenburg Gate has a rich history and plays an important role during the unification of East and West Germany. One of the most important landmark in Germany is definitely worth a visit if you are in Berlin.

Berlin Currywurst

After checking out the Brandenburg Gate, we went to get some currywurst nearby. The┬áCurrywurst consist of steamed and fried sausages in small pieces, topped with sweet curry ketchup with sprinkles of curry spice for that unique flavour. This is Berlin’s most famous street food, and this stall offer the best view (the Brandenburg gate) you can get while enjoying currywurst.


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