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Sipping exclusively available Hawaiian-Japanese coffee, tasting delicious and exquisite home-made tarts and cakes, admiring colourful birds, surrounded by their beautiful singing and chirping. This very blissful scenario took place at a cozy “little birds” themed cafe – Kotori Cafe in Omotesando. Admittedly, I am not an aggressive bird lover but at the end of my visit, I’m totally in love with this cute cafe and their little chirpy characters!

Let’s start with a little background about Kotori Cafe Omotesando:

Kotori Cafe Omotesando started operations in 2013 and till date, has an inventory of 30 colourful birds, species ranging from Budgerigar, Cockatiels, Rosy-faced Lovebirds, Barred Parakeets, Red-rumped Parrot, Java Sparrows to Cockatoo.

For your easy reference on the type of bird species: 

(1) Budgerigar

Image source:×250/filters:no_upscale()/Budgerigars-88491133-resized-58ad97193df78c345b870bac.jpg

(2) Cockatiel

Image source:

(3) Rosy-faced Lovebirds

Image source:

(4) Barred Parakeets

Image source:×2251.jpg?fit=300%2C225

(5) Red-rumped Parrot

Image source:

(6) Java Sparrows

Image source:

(7) Cockatoo

Image source:

The cafe aims to create a “cute, delicious and fun paradise for patrons to spend time with birds”, and at the same time, commits to provide a well-managed and affectionate breeding grounds for their birds. Well, I think they have succeeded in both aspects as their birds seem happy, well-groomed and healthy!

An overall shot of the Cafe.

Kotori Cafe Omotesando is located at one of the quieter lanes in Omotesando, with a quaint and welcoming cafe front. A closer examination reveals many efforts in personalising their outdoor decorations.

The welcoming signage indicating their current collaboration with Kanahei and the menu offerings. Fyi, Kanahei is a popular stickers illustrator on LINE. Kotori Cafe Omotesando is collaborating with Kanahei on her sticker illustrated cartoon characters: Usagi (rabbit) and Piske (bird).
Look at the line of “birds” marching on the railing! How adorable!
Ah huh! They are actually lights which will be lit at night. How sweet and dreamy! Wait…did you see that “bird” resting on the nest?
Even the planter-box has a bird-themed garden pick!
A customised signage cum lamppost!
Heh heh…I spot you (the parrot) hiding there!

I was so engrossed with the outdoor decorations that I almost missed the main characters peering out of the glass panel at me!

They look so pretty and well-groomed!

Truly excited to enter to the cafe after such warm welcome from so many birds! (How many species have you spotted?)

Upon entry, you are greeted by the welcoming cashier counter with a backdrop of numerous signed autographs by famous personalities, as well as artwork by bird fans of Kotori Cafe Omotesando.

The autograph display corner.
Another corner of drawings by Kotori Cafe fans.

It’s quite easy to miss these two beautiful caged birds on the right side of the main entrance if not for their sudden chirps, as if to highlight their presence to me!

Dawning a vibrant hue furcoat. Is this a Red-rumped Parrot? mmmm..
Shying away…feeling lonely perhaps.

Generally, all the birds are kept together in two indoor aviaries within the cafe space where patrons are free to admire their interactive activities: singing, chirping, flying around, playing with each other, sleeping or simply dazing in blank space! Photographing and videoing are allowed. However, flashlights and actions that will startle or frighten the birds are prohibited (eg: poking or banging on the glass panels).

Admiring the outside scenery. They were the ones I first spotted from outside!
Getting cozy.
Their namelist!
Over at another aviary, I managed to catch the attention of a rosy-faced lovebird.
True Love! This scene got many patrons including myself excited!
Then they shied away in embarrassment. Haha
The name-list of birds kept in this aviary.

At the corner of the cafe lies the Mofu Mofu Room. Cafe patrons can gain entry into this petting zone in Mofu Mofu Room at a fee of 500 yen. You  will have a 5 minutes interaction and photography session with a white-crested cockatoo, rosy-faced lovebird and Java Sparrow, accompanied by a cafe staff. Do note that this Mofu Mofu experience is only available from 11am to 5pm, and limits up to 3 persons per group entry. I would think it is a popular service as I witnessed several group sessions taking place. I also noticed the birds were generally gentle and affectionate during their interactions with the patrons.

Besides the friendly birdie environment, another highlight of the cafe is the impressive cafe interior setting and menu! Despite the non-availability of hot deli food in this cafe outlet, Kotori Cafe Omotesando has an attractive menu of beverages and pastry. It prides itself as the only cafe chain in Japan which serves the aromatic Royal Kona Coffee, a coffee product jointly developed by Hawaii Coffee Company and Karani 1555 Coffee Factory. Each beverage comes with a piece of bird-designed cookie especially imported from Hokkaido. The cafe also serves home-made exquisite mousse tarts and cakes that look simply kawaii and irresistible! In fact, I had such a tough time deciding on which tart to buy but eventually settled for the signature Cake Set: 1,500 yen for a drink and a cockatiel mango mousse tart.

Cute Food Menu.
Drink Menu.
Set Menu.  The “mofu mofu” experience is marketed at the bottom of the menu.
So cute!!!
Special Piske tarts from collaboration with Kanahei’s small characters.
Special Usagi tarts from collaboration with Kanahei’s small characters.
My cake set order – Signature Cocktiel Mango Mousse Tart with Vanilla Macademia Royal Kona Coffee! Oishiiii!
Lovely bird-themed mug!
Serving the food in a bird cage holder was a true delight! So pretty! I like the backdrop painting too!

The details of enhancing the cafe environment and connecting patrons to the little birds in Kotori Cafe Omotesando are indeed impressive. Everywhere (including toilet!) screams out designs or displays of birds:  from the table top set-up, mini library filled with guide books and children books on birds, birds muppets gloves for children, wall decors and motifs to the wide range of related birds species-designed merchandises.  Do not leave the cafe without browsing through these merchandises and stationeries. You will find many pleasant surprises, hidden gems, unique and cute designs. Some merchandises are especially designed by fans of Kotori Cafe Omotesando!

Even the serviette holder and sugar holder are of birds theme.
A small library corner for the little ones, filled with birds-related books.

This cute display is found on the toilet basin top.

An overview of the cafe.
(Love the birds’ singing and chirpings!)

Kotori Cafe Omotesando
Address: Japan, 〒107-0062 Tōkyō-to, Minato-ku, Minamiaoyama, 6 Chome−6−3−7
Telephone: +81 3-6427-5115

Kotori Cafe has 3 other branches in Japan. They seem to have slight differentiation in their menus and cafe interior design layout.

Kotori Cafe Kichijoji
Address: Japan, 〒181-0013 Tokyo, Mitaka, Shimorenjaku, 1
Telephone: +81 422-29-9224

Kotori Cafe Sugamo
Address: 3 Chome-18-13 Sugamo, Toshima-ku, Tōkyō-to 170-0002, Japan
Telephone: +81 3-6903-5084

Kotori Cafe Shinsaibashi (OSAKA)
Address: 南船場 BRICK3F, 4 Chome-14-1 Minamisenba, Chuo, Osaka, Osaka Prefecture 542-0081, Japan
Telephone: +81 06-6253-8698

Enjoy the chirpy moment at Kotori Cafe!

Love, Miwa

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