Autumn Flowers at Hitachi Seaside Park near Tokyo

The beauty of Japanese flower fields is widely acclaimed and you are able to enjoy stunning colourful natural flower landscape at Hitachi Seaside Park, which is located just less than 2 hours away from Tokyo! Hitachi Seaside Park is situated on the Pacific Ocean side of the Japanese coast and is home to beautiful flower blooms all year round. This park is especially populated during the blooming of blue nemophilas flowers in Spring and crimson kochias in Autumn on its Miharashi Hills.

Spring (late April to mid May): Blooming of the blue nemophilas flowers harmonise with the sky and surroundings to form a pleasing and therapeutic sight on Miharashi Hills at Hitachi Seaside Park.

Autumn (late September to mid October): Green turn crimson kochias bloomed just like autumn at Miharashi hills.

I visited Hitachi Seaside Park in early October in Autumn with the main intention of viewing the blooming of kochias and this massive park was way beyond my expectations with its facilities, size and of course gorgeous views.

An overview map of the park:

It’s really huge with a total area of 350 hectares (3,500,000 Square Meters or 426 football fields. You got it?)

Do rest assured there is a seaside train transporting park guests around the whole park. The route is signified by the blue line on the map and takes 35 minutes with 10 train stopping points. Cost of train ride: 500 yen per person for a one-day round trip pass. Alternatively, bicycle are available for rental at a cost. Complimentary strollers and wheelchairs are also available for rental at any park entrance.

The guide map from their official website. Interactive PDF version.

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There are two entrances to Hitachi Seaside Park. The cho gate (CENTRAL ENTRANCE) which leads directly to Pleasure Garden. Pleasure Garden is a family-fun area with more than 25 fun rides, a giant ferris wheel and a grassland flower garden.

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If you are taking public transport like us, the bus will alight you at the Nishiguchi Tsubasa no Gate (WEST ENTRANCE). The west entrance will lead you to mainly flower viewings at Miharashi Hills, Narcissus Garden and Tamago no Mori Flower Garden. The entrance looks boring and disappointing, but looks are deceiving!

This particular tree caught my attention the moment I stepped in. Together with the clear sky and autumn breeze, it sets a relaxing tone to my park experience.

Moving towards the flower fields, you will first pass by the west lake. It forms a calming view for the water stage and nearby lakeside cafe.

Another view of the lake.

Passing by Kaori no Tani garden with lavender! Love the uplifting scent of lavender!

Next is the Sareki Garden with blooms of white and orange Tiger Lilies.

Soon, you will spot many cute pink, white and purple cosmoses on the hillside.

There we are! Green kochias afar!

We have arrived! The endless rows of green kochia bushes look so cute together, reminding me of many gigantic knitting yarns.

Can you spot a few kochias turning crimson?

The winding path takes you through Miharashi Hills to admire the beauty of kochias.

I think this is the best view with ferris wheel from Pleasure Garden as backdrop.

The overview:

The bell rings that you hear in the video are from Miharashi Bell at the highest altitude of the hill. It is also the highest point in Hitachinaka city.

Slowly walking down the path.

Spotted a beautiful butterfly.

Looking back once again.

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For your information, this is the peak blooming view of kochias in another 1 – 2 weeks’ time. Crimson kochias have never look more beautiful!

We roamed around freely and chanced upon this area with lots of huge pumpkins! First time that I have seen so many huge pumpkins in my life!

The pumpkin was huge enough to be my seat. hahaha.

Next, we passed by a picnic grassland. It was a beautiful weather for picnic but we did not come prepared with picnic items.

Then I realised there were a few stationary foodtrucks selling light snacks for picnic.

Omg….there’s even roast and grilled beef steak, cooked on the spot!

Our saviours! Complimentary picnic mats of varying sizes for use! Fully appreciate the consideration of the park organisers.

We joined in the fun of an impromptu picnic! 🙂

After our picnic, we continued strolling in the park and walked into the Egg Forest. The Egg Forest features an Egg Air Trampoline for children. How apt!

We continued a leisure stroll in the forest. Very idyllic and memorable experience.

By the time we have reached the west entrance of Hitachi Seaside Park, it was due to close soon and we did not have time to tour the other half of the park – Pleasure Garden with the ferris wheel. If you are keen to read about the facilities offered in Pleasure Garden, you may refer to their official website.  I have fully underestimated the size of Hitachi Seaside Park and was too ambitious in finishing touring it within 4 to 5 hours. Also, I can’t rent a bicycle due to inappropriate dressing (I was wearing a dress). Otherwise, we could have saved more time. Nevertheless, I’m glad that I have ventured out of Tokyo to this peaceful and picturesque park that is popular with locals (we hardly see other tourists), and slightly off the beaten path. Looking forward to an opportunity to revisit Hitachi Seaside Park for its famous blue nemophilas flower blooms and to complete the second half of the park!

Hitachi Seaside Park

Address: Japan, 〒312-0012 Ibaraki Prefecture, Hitachinaka, Mawatari, 字大沼605−4
Telephone: +81 29-265-9001

Opening hours:
9:30–17:00 (March 1 – July 20, September 1 – October 31)
9:30–18:00 (July 21 – August 31)
9:30–16:30 (November 1 – end of February)

Close on every Monday except if Monday is a public holiday, it will close on Tuesday.
During peak blooming season, the park opens everyday.
Blooming seasons:  Spring: March 26 – May 31, Summer: July 21 – August 31, Fall: October 1 – 31

Entrance fees:
Adults (15 years and above): 410 yen
Senior Citizens (65 years and above): 210 yen
Children (7 to 14 years): 80 yen
Free entry for children 6 years and below.

Directions to the park from Tokyo:

Image source:

Miwa says:

  • Plan and allocate your time properly if you would like to finish touring the whole park within a day.
  • There are bicycles for rental to ride around the park. Dress appropriately if you would like to make use of this service. 

Love, Miwa

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